Lot 1799-18 - '19 Alfalfa/Grass 1st 3x4 Shedded Irrigated Excellent. Duchesne, UT

[07/17/19] American Ag Video Auction - Nationwide Hay Auction

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Category Hay


60 Bales. 39 Ton. 2 Loads. 1300#/Bale. Beautiful, green, leafy, palatable, medium to coarse stems, some bales are largely alfalfa some are approximately 20% grass, baled dry and with a dew machine so it will flake off nicely, a few discolored stems typical of 1st cut, a few weeds but nothing concerning, not moldy or dusty, top notch horse, dairy or beef quality hay from a reputation grower and inside the shed, very hard to find any nice green hay yet this year. Scale nearby. Very easy to find backhaul freight from this area. This hay is American Ag guaranteed!


ALL HAY SELLS BY THE TON, MINIMUM PURCHASE OF ONE FULL SEMI LOAD. This Hay to be removed within 45 days of sale, if not removed by deadline AAVA logistics coordinator will schedule freight at buyer's expense if still not removed in 60 days AAVA will re-sell hay on the following auction with no refunds. A Logistics Coordination Fee of $25/load will be assessed and invoiced at time of purchase. If AAVA logistics coordinator manages the entire trucking process which includes finding buyer a truck for transportation from farm to buyer's destination an additional $50/load will be charged to buyer. Buyer MUST give at least 24 hr notice to load. ALL HAY SELLS BY THE TON, WINNING BIDDER MUST TAKE A MINIMUM OF 1 SEMI LOAD. EXPERIENCE THE AMERICAN AG GUARANTEE! AAVA guarantees each load of hay to be as represented in video and description unless specifically sold as-is. AAVA GUARANTEE EXPIRES 60 days following the purchase. Any AS-IS hay will be clearly stated in description and announced during live auction and will carry no guarantee of quality, color, value or bale weight. TIMED BIDDING CLOSES 1 HR PRIOR TO LIVE AUCTION, PLEASE LOG IN TO LIVE AUCTION TO INSURE YOU WIN BIDS.